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Shooting on Altay

20 Дек

Compact sporting and Practical shooting on Altay


Altay Mountains attracts tourists for active rest and those who wants just to relax now can offer for its guests Sporting and Practical shooting.

Shooting club «Aytau» is located on one of the picturesque places of Altai Mountains in Chemal countryside under Verblud mountain. Official opening of the shooting club was on 30th June, 2010. Club «Aytau» is a first bench-shooting complex in the history of Altay Republic. Club has two grounds on its territory.

First ground is for Compact Sporting used for clay shooting and equipped with made in England machine Pro-matic.

The second ground is for fire sport gun targets for practical shooting. This is an exciting entertainment and one of few sports and leisure facilities which involves not only physically healthy people but also limited to health individuals. Those who visited Altai and our shooting club finely noticed a paradoxical effect that they felt after shooting. That was feeling of cheerfulness and relax simultaneously. This is what makes splendid sporting and practical shooting.


Compact sporting is a real holiday

It is very pleasant to see that people celebrate birthdays, family holidays, corporate events or important dates in our shooting club. Agree, when a holiday is accompanied with games and fun competition in sporting without unnecessary conditionalities, moreover in shooting without age and sex limits, winning prizes and rewards, such a holiday is remembered for the whole life.

Compact sporting and children

Children are those who really please. Quick to grasp. Exactly fifteen minutes runs shooting training. It is enough for them to shoot clay targets with a real gun. Moreover girls don’t lag behind boys. The youngest participant who surprised us was 11 years girl. She came to Altai to rest with her parents from Novosibirsk. She shot so that targets turned into dust. Children get older, they got own interests and company. But if you suggest them going to shoot on Compact sporting they will hardly refuse. And what can be better when a family is together.

Compact sporting is for all ages

First competitions in the history of Altai Republic on bench shooting in Compact sporting for a prize of Chemal district head was held in September, 2010. The youngest participant, pupil of our club, Ilya Surtaev was only 13 years. The oldest participant Mikhail Putintsev was almost 70 years.

Practical handgun shooting

Considering the fact that many of us buy a gun for self-defense it is better to start with shooting training ground for Practical shooting to learn how to use a gun. After finishing the training on Practical shooting you can whip up a handgun fast and masterfully and hit a target as good as type of your gun allows you to do it. Many will open for themselves fascinating sport or maybe a hobby. If you can protect your own life and life of your close people you will learn to value a life of another.


Shooting club «Aytau» offers training in different kinds of shooting and applied disciplines::

  • 1. Bench shooting;
  • 2. Handgun shooting;
  • 3. Intensive courses on Practical handgun shooting;

Friends! Even if you have never held a gun in your arms and you do not know about handgun shooting, our trainers will teach you handgun art subtleties, tell about methods of firing, proper preparation and aiming.

For bench shooting in our club we use sport-hunting smooth-bore gun BENELLI COMFORT –  12 calibre, fine shot — № 7, 7.5, 9, 24 – 32 gram. Trainings of Practical shooting with sport fire handgun. Gun and cartridges for shooting you can get in our club after showing a passport or driving license.

Those who got own gun and cartridges can use them. The main thing that they should fit our requirements.

Club work schedule:

10 am – 18 pm

Desired in advance registering: phone 8-913-990-19-96